Carl Bloch's Paintings of Jesus

Because we always seem pressed for time, we kept putting off a trip to Utah to see the art exhibition Carl Bloch: The Master’s Hand.  Finally, Monday, April 11 we got on a plane in Tucson and went to the show at the BYU Art Museum in Provo, Utah. Pam and I visited the show that day for a few hours and the next day also.  We came back home April 12.  What a visual and spiritual experience.  You must go!  

Carl Bloch was an artist in Denmark who lived from 1834 to 1890.  He was a very good painter but his paintings of the Savior are sublime. Featured in the show are five larger-than-life altarpieces. Four of these have come from Lutheran churches in Denmark and Sweden, removed for the first time since they were originally installed in the late 1800s.  There are also many other pieces that he painted, some of them sketches in preparation for the larger paintings.  The presentation by the BYU Museum is masterfully done.  You will not come away unmoved.
It makes me want to be a better painter and a better man.  It is of great comfort and joy to know that my Redeemer lives!