The Marathon Project- 100 Years in Wyoming

In these three sketches (still thinking of doing a triptych) I decided to drop the oil workers in the side paintings and bring out the Wyoming animals.  

August of 2011, Lucinda Greer, Senior Land Professional at Marathon Oil Company contacted me to talk about doing a painting representing the history of Marathon Oil in Wyoming.  It was perfect timing.  I had just moved back to Byron, Wyoming, the middle of one of the biggest oil fields in the state. During the weeks prior I had been out in those oil fields painting all the rocks and landscapes I had played in and on as a boy.  

I was delighted and anxious to start smooshing paint all over a bunch of canvases.  Our initial discussions concluded with me doing research in Marathon's photo files and agreeing to do several presentation sketches. These sketches allow the client to see different ideas on how I could approach the project.  I also welcome their comments and thoughts on which directions we take.  This exchange of ideas is always valuable.

March 1st 2012 was the date we agreed that I would be finished. "Ha!", thought I. "I will easily finished by March 1st."  As of this moment, March 1st is only days away and I still have a bunch or work to do to finish the painting.  (I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...).