Warriors of the Crow Tribe

I've made friends with a few people that live over at Crow Agency.Many of them have been helpful as I've painted the 19th century Native American life style by posing as models, by charging around on horseback while I shoot photos of them in action.  It has been a pleasure to watch them have fun especially when they are re-enacting the Custer Battle.  Their ancestors were allies of George Custer and the U.S. Army back in 1876.  They enjoy riding against Custer now.  I even joined in on a two day ride where I was a Cheyenne Warrior on horseback and we attacked the calvary on horseback.  Maybe I'll share that experience sometime. 

Did I ever mention how much I like to paint rock formations, cliffs and mountains?  Well, I do.  A while ago I went out north of Byron, Wyoming near the cemetery on what we used to call Union Hill (When we were kids, Steve, Marv and I would take our bikes to the top of the hill and coast, getting close to 60 mph and would see if we could take the last curve without using our breaks).  Anyway, some time ago I set up my portable easel and painted the rock formations you see here.  This painting sat around my studio for quite a while and then...I started to envision these young braves on horseback.  The coming storm almost obscures Eagle Rock.   There is a lot to paint around here (Byron) and almost everywhere I go memories and thoughts will take me back to what was before I was.